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The Truth is Only a Lawyer Can Represent You with Legal Authority To Cancel Your Timeshare

Are you wondering why you need a lawyer for cancellation of your timeshare? The reason is simple a timeshare owner cannot legally cancel their agreements alone. 


The only one who can legally negotiate on your behalf is an attorney. Simply because a timeshare contract is a legal document which requires legal representation to over turn in the eyes of the law.


Also it's very typical a timeshare contract will be made full vague language and confusing rulings, where it's difficult to know if you even have legal rights when you sign a timeshare contract. 


For these reasons many timeshare owners seek the advice of a lawyer for help in canceling their time share.

Why hire Global Timeshare Lawyers?

We have been cancelling timeshare for our clients for 20 years. One of the primary areas of law practice is providing legal services for our clients -  timeshare cancellation.  Our law firm also focuses in other areas of law;   We are also trial lawyers including civil litigations and Real Estate   - Residential and Corporate.

Kellie Hamilton was involved in one of the largest timeshare law suit at that time in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

We represented timeshare owners in our Supreme Court in BC.  Having been involved in the Civil action involving the timeshare provided our lawyers with intangible wealth of legal knowledge and expertise about the timeshare contracts and agreements.    When you contact Hamilton Law Group, during your free consultation, you are speaking directly with the lawyer who was one of the counsel representing timeshare owners.

We provide free consultation;  where you will be speaking directly with the lawyer.  IF you have further questions,  our lawyer will answer those questions for you.

An attorney/client relationship is professional. After the free consultation and telephone conference with the lawyer, it is you who decide to retain our legal services. Our law firm is not going to call you again and again to persuade to hire our lawyer.  We are lawyers.  During the telephone conference between you and our lawyer, our lawyer is interested in providing you legal services.  We are not only interested in so called signing you up.  

Not every person our lawyer provides free consultation becomes our clients.  There are many reasons.  Timeshare owners may not be able to at that time.  

If timeshare owners say they are not ready,  we do let them know that they are free to contact us anytime.  If they decide to work with someone else,  we ask them to make sure they are working with an attorney.

global timeshare lawyers