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we are a timeshare cancellation law firm, not an agency.  DON'T GET OVERCHARGED thousands and thousands of dollars by agents who are not even  lawyers.  Our law firm has a flat fee for our timeshare legal services .

Call toll free 1-833-881-5484 to book a telephone conference with our lawyerfor a free consultation.  Do you or some one you know have a timeshare contract and want to cancel it,  our law firm is here to help you get rid of your contract.   We have successfully cancelled timeshare agreements  for our clients.    You may have a contract for over 20 years or have recentlyds signed and you want to cancel it,  call our law firm.   You will speak directlys with a lawyer;  our lawyers will handle your file.   Your file will remain open until such time we have resolved your timeshare issues.  A timeshare contract is a legal document and our lawyer will help you with  cancelling your timeshare contracts/membership.  A lawyer will answer all your questions pertaining to cancelling your timeshare. We have been cancelling timeshares for over twenty years, and successfully helping clients terminate their timeshare without complications. Why wait and continue to pay maintenance fees that you can not afford, when you can remove your timeshares ownership. In some cases we are able to get full timeshare refunds back.  Kellie Hamilton our Senior Lawyer was the first lawyer in Canada and in North Amercia to help timeshare owners in cancelling their timeshare contract and membership.  We serve clients from all over the world, including across Canada, America and also Australia.   

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We can  help you.    We help you whether you have recently purchased your timeshare or have owned your timeshares for years, finally cancell your timeshare - relieving you of the responsibility. Be WORRY FREE , no more paying maintenance fees. We are a law firm, that CAN get the results.   We have cancelled timeshare contracts in countries including Mexico, America, Bahamas and in oter countries.  For our Autralian clients, we cancelled their timeshare contact in Hawaii.  

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CALL TOLL FREE 1 (833) 881-5484 or email


testimoniAILS from OUR satisfied cLIENTS

former timeshare owner, Vancouver, British Columbia

Again Thank You from the bottom of our hearts on this matter and I will see you after I get the check. Not enough thank you’s for what this means and what you have done. We appreciate all that has been done.

former timeshare owner, Ontario, Canada

"Hello Kellie,

Thank you for the update!  Your services are most appreciated!"

Former Austrialian Timeshare Owners

We had just come back from a trip from Las Vegas and had realized how big of mistake we made buying into a Wyndham time share. We struggled for a long time with our decision financially and mentally until we decided to call the Hamilton law group. This group of people were very professional, understanding and got us out of our time share contract in a very short amount of time. I recommend using them for time share contracts or any other problems that may arise. Thank you so much!

Former Timeshare Owners

In November of 2015 my wife went to Maui for our honeymoon.  We fell in love with Maui just like everyone does.  Blinded by the beauty of paradise and having a wonderful time, we somehow managed to sign on the dotted line for a time share purchase in Maui.  

The "timeshare machine" was the most impressive, slickest marketing presentation I have every experienced.  At the end of it I think I would have given up one of our children to get our hands on that property.  

It seemed like a great quality of life decision for family and us, the financials seems reasonable, and the future travel perk were exciting. On returning home, as the proverbial honeymoon was over with Maui and the timeshare purchase, our feelings changed from uneasiness, and ultimately dread of the reality of terrible decision we made.  

This lead to much stress and weeks of sleepless nights.  We realized we had made the worst financial decision of our lives, and that we may be stuck with that poor decision the rest of our lives, possible passing on this mess to our children. We knew we needed to do anything possible to try to get out of the time share contract, which from what we were finding from our research, was going to be almost impossible, as they contracts are iron clad.  

A search on the internet lead to a meeting with Kelli Hamilton.  Kelli clearly had a wealth of experience in such matters, and was very helpful in understanding the challenges or what we were up against.  

Working together, we came up with a game plan of how to approach this challenge in trying to get out of the contract, and see if we can recover any money from this financial burden and embarrassing mistake.  

We were surprised and absolutely delighted to attain a resolution that cancelled the timeshare contract and even received a full refund of our large deposit! 

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